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What is Automation?

When most people think of automation they think of tools used to mechanize tasks. Most online applications provide some type of automation tools and features. Although mechanization can be an integral part, automation is much more than just using a machine or computer to carry out tasks.

Automation is a process. A process that can be used to get reliably consistent results. In the same way automation helps us manage task, the automation process can be applied to all aspects of business and life. 

T – A – O

In its simplest form automation consist of a trigger, followed by actions, to achieve a specific outcome. For example if you wish to wake up and start your day at 7 AM each morning, the automation would be;

  • TRIGGER – 7 AM
  • ACTION – Wake up
  • OUTCOME – Start your day

If you wanted to mechanize this automation you would simply set your alarm clock for 7 AM.

The Trigger – Action – Outcome process can be used to organize or systemize any workflow. Use it to manage your time, your finances, or your business. 


The Power of Automation

Why is it that franchised businesses are usually more successful than Mom and Pop shops? Because they automate their processes to deliver a consistent result. Mastering automation workflows and even mechanizing where appropriate can be the key to success in both business and life.

Don’t just go to work in your business go to work on your business. Design a business that will provide a consistent results automatically even when you’re away. 

Don’t get swept away by the chaos of life. Take control of your time and your money and free yourself for what matters most to you.

  • Streamline your business
  • Put your money on autopilot
  • Make time for what matters most
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